1. Whatever fitness or weight loss goals you are setting, you have to work hard regularly to gain results. It requires great deal of self-discipline and commitment. In order to enhance my strength and gain the most benefits from my workouts I am taking additional nutrition. I have tried a lot of different workout supplements over the years and nothing has given me as much energy and focus as Military Grade Nutritionals have. In my opinion, their pre-workouts are the most effective supplements.

  2. Hey Scott, I just came across your website, and would like to thank you for this video! My friends have started Crossfit a few months ago, and have been trying to push me to go. I was quite intimidated as I heard the workouts are so intense, that lots of people end up puking the first time they attempt it. This video has relieved my fear of Crossfit somewhat. I’m sure the workouts are still very intense, but I now think it’s definitely manageable by normal beginners like me. I’ll be sure to refer your video to any of my other friends who have the same doubts about joining Crossfit.


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