ALLMAX Nutriton Product Review – IsoFlex & Razor8


I’ve been using ALLMAX Nutrition‘s IsoFlex for about 5 or 6 years while losing weight and maintaining my weight loss and building muscle.  It’s my favorite protein and the great folks at ALLMAX were kind enough to send me some.  They also sent me some some pre-work out try out, called Razor8.  I use to take pre-workouts a lot but haven’t in the last few years because I don’t like some of the side effects from them, but this one was great and didn’t give me that weird face-numbing feeling that I hate.

Check out the video below to hear my review of IsoFlex and Razor8.

IsoFlex –
Razor8 –

Do you use pre-workouts? Do you take protein? How do you maximize your training and recovery?


  1. Enjoyed your video! Quick question for you – what was the taste like of the pre-workout supplement? I’ve noticed that a lot of them taste really nasty so I just chug it quickly to avoid tasting it.




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