Healthy Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza


Pizza is my weakness. If I could, I would eat it at every meal, every day and there was a point in time when I did eat it four to seven times a week.  Even though I still crave it all the time, I’ve cut pizza out of my diet and I try my best not to cave.

This weekend, I had a major craving for pizza.  I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because I’ve been eating so healthy lately and I felt I needed a cheat day or meal.  So instead of caving and picking up the phone, I picked up some groceries and made my own.

Here’s my healthy homemade pizza:

2 TBS Calorie Wise BBQ Sauce
2 TBS Tomato Paste
1-4 TBS Franks Hot Sauce
1 Glove of Garlic, minced

Mix all ingredients in a bowl together to create your sauce.

1 Dempster’s WholeGrains Pita Pocket

1/2 c Kraft Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese

1 Chicken Breast, grilled and diced

Dice and use as many veggies as you can fit on your pizza. Persoanlly I use green pepper, red pepper, red onion, pineapple, hot banana peppers and avocado.

Cooking Directions:
Pre-Heat oven at 375 degrees F. Add your sauce to the pita, spreading it evenly.  Add a thin layer of cheese.  Add all of your veggies. Top with another thin layer of cheese.  Bake in the oven for 15-20 mins or until the pita is crispy and your cheese is melted.



  1. Now I am hungry. Love how you have posted the photos: from the basic ingredients to the finished product 🙂 Makes me wanna have one now! Well, hope you’re liking Livefyre so far. Welcome to the community. Feel free to let us know if you’ve any questions for us. We’ll be happy to help!

    • Your Inner Skinny

      @Dhara Mistry Like livefyre a lot. Thanks for checking in on me. And now that I’ve looked at the pics, I want pizza and it’s only 10am.

  2. This looks really delicious, thank you for providing this recipe. Hope to hear more from you.

  3. Wow! My tongue gets watered of this delicious pizza . Nice article.

  4. Love the sequence of photos. The cheese topping on the pizza looks so delicious! Thanks got it is not physically in front me right now!

  5. Love the sequence of photos. The cheese topping on the pizza looks so delicious!

    And so tempting … Thank god it is not physically in front me right now!


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