Toned in 21


It’s been a busy last month and a half.  Between getting offered an amazing job I didn’t apply for that is 7,000 km away from home, the stress of wondering if I should take such job, accepting the job, travelling across the country and back in 4 days to visit this job and now trying to find a place to live 7,000 km away so I can actually do this job, yes, it’s been a busy month and a half.  And as such, some things in my life have suffered by taking a back burner to all this new and exciting commotion.  Things like my diet and exercise and my writing.

In the past month and a half I’ve put on 10 lbs due to stress, lack of focus on my health, not eating right, not hitting the gym and having no time (none of these are legitimate excuses by the way) and today I’m writing about how I’m going to change all of this.  Starting today (actually, it was Monday) I’m getting my diet back on track, I’m getting back to the gym and with this post, I’m getting back to writing, which fixes all three problems I was just talking about in the last paragraph.

So, as the title of this post is “Toned in 21” you may be wondering what that has to do with any of this, or maybe you’re not, regardless, here’s what “Toned in 21” means.

It took me about a month and a half to put on 10 lbs and I think I can take it off in 21 days (three weeks), which is my leave date for the Great White North.  My actual goal is to drop the 10 lbs of fluff and put on 5 lbs in muscle in these 21 days, hence “Toned in 21”.

You may ask, “How do you plan on doing this?” to which I answer, “with a lot of hard work”.

I plan on doing it by kicking my own ass in the gym at least 4 days a week and by watching my diet closely.  I’m using the “LoseIt” App to count calories and I’m cutting a lot of things out of my diet like dairy, a lot of carbs at night, fatty foods, eating out at restaurants and ideally I’d cut out alcohol too, but that’s not going to happen as my going away party is this weekend, my father’s 50th is next weekend and my best friend’s 30th is the weekend after that, so there will be beer to drink.

I’ve done my weigh-in, I’ve taken my measurements (which I’m SO not happy with) and I’m already three days in to my “Toned in 21” and I’m REALLY hoping that I can see some quick results.  In three days I’m already starting to feel better, I’m less tired and I have more energy.  This is a great beginning, but I won’t be happy until I can see some results. What I’m looking most forward to is not having my jeans cut off the circulation to my legs.

I’ll be talking a lot about what I’m doing on Twitter using the hashtag #Tonedin21 if you want to join me and I’m going to do measurements and weigh-ins every couple of days, just to see the progression.  I’ll also be writing about it all on here and I may create a few new workouts along the way that will possibly make you want to throw up.


  1. I love workouts that make me sick to my stomach. =) I’m looking forward to a stellar workout tomorrow, as today was a scheduled rest day. =)

    I plan to keep up with you via twitter and your blog. Congrats on all of the positives happening now!

  2. I’d love more details on the diet you used and types of workouts you did. I am a total noob when putting these things together.

    • Diet is the main thing for me. Being active comes second nature.

      The main things I struggle with on my diet is self control! I’m the type of person who can’t just have ONE cookie or ONE piece of pizza. I eat 24 cookies or an entire large pizza. Simple tricks I use are things like not keeping those foods in the house to begin with. A big thing is learning to say “no thank you” and being able to deal with the flack that you WILL receive from friends, family and co-workers. That’s the hardest part. Once you don’t give a shit what others think or say, you’ve taken a HUGE step in the right direction. The last thing that I needed to learn to do is make myself accountable. Whether that be by counting calories or using a food journal so you know exactly what you’re eating, or just knowing that that piece of cheesecake or that Coke or sugary juice is full of calories and that I should put it down and not put it in to your body, these things matter.

      It may seem like common sense but together these are the tiny things that will either make or break your weight loss.


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