The CrossFit Games Open is Upon Us



As I finish up my time in Vancouver, I’m both excited and a bit sad.

I’m excited because I’m bringing back a wealth of newly learned technique and CrossFit knowledge to my home gym in Yellowknife and I’m also excited because in less than 12 hours the first WOD of the 2013 CrossFit Games season will be announced.  At the same time I’m a bit sad because I’ve met a ton of really awesome people over the past five days that were really helpful and very supportive and I don’t want to leave them.  The CrossFit community is such a welcoming and supportive community and my new goal is to try and build the same in our gym.

I need to give a huge shout-out to the coaches and members at Studeo55 CrossFit, especially my good buddy Dai and coach Jeremy Edwards, they were/are awesome!  Keep your eyes out for these two dudes in the Open because I’d put money on it that they’ll both be at Regionals as individuals.


I’ve had a lot of conversations as to what the first WOD is going to be in the Open and I’m thinking it’s going to be something like the 7 minutes of burpees WOD that was 12.1 last year.  Maybe box jumps, pull-ups, wall balls or double-unders?  I hope it’s something like an 8 minute As Many Reps As Possible of 40” box jumps. I think I’d do great on that one.  #WhiteMenCanJump

The butterflies have officially settled in and I’m ready for whatever the Open has to bring… I think.  I’ve always been the type to get really worked up before the big game (I even make myself sick by getting so worked up) and this doesn’t seem to be any different so far.  But you know what, if I wasn’t nervous or nauseous, I think that would mean I wasn’t ready. So bring it!

The first WOD of the open will be known at 6pm PST and I can’t wait! Are you doing the Open? Will you be following along?  If you are competing, add me to your custom board and let me know and we can compare scores.

Ready? 3, 2, 1… GO…


  1. I’m both excited and scared for the Crossfit Open. I’m not participating since I still majorly stink and basically everything Crossfit related, but I know that we will all be doing the Open WODs at my box.


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