The 4-Hour body: THAT’S IT, I QUIT!


If you don’t know me, one thing that you should know about me is that I’m not someone who likes to quit anything, ever! For me to quit something, it has to be a circumstances that is beyond my control to not want to continue.

I have officially given up on The 4-Hour Body diet.  It’s not for me.

I’ve read the book, I get the science, I respect the tests and the results that have come from it and I have nothing bad at all to say about the diet except for the fact that I hate beans (especially with breakfast) and most green veggies (when they’re cooked or without some sort of sauce).  After trying to force feed myself for a week and a half, I’ve decided that I’m not willing to give up my enjoyment of food to lose a few extra pounds.

I’m absolutely miserable on this diet!  I miss my carbs, I miss sandwiches, I miss cheese, I miss fruit, I miss milk and sugar in my coffee and have I mentioned I fucking hate beans??!!!  The other major factor for me is that I’m hypoglocemic and not eating every 2 hours is really affecting me and my brain power.  I’m actually scared to talk to people sometimes because I can’t think straight.

The thing that has pushed me this far is that I’m seeing results already!  I’ve lost 10lbs in a week in a half.  I think a lot of that is the weight that I put on during my Video Diary of a Fast Food Fool that I made the 4 days prior to starting the diet, but regardless, it’s gone now.

I know I can lose the weight that I want/need to lose with a great diet and exercise on my own and not have to include beans and cut out fruit or any other healthy foods that I love.  It may take a bit longer, but I don’t need this diet at all to be successful.  I love food and a large variety of food WAY too much to give it up like I’ve had to on this plan.  Tim talks a lot about trying to keep your insulin levels level and this will be the toughest part for me, but I think I can do it.

Even though I’m giving up the diet, I am going to stick with a few things from the book like a cold shower here and there, a binge or cheat day (which I use to do anyway), a few of the weight training ideas, the running training that he outlines, putting on 10lbs of muscle in 4 weeks and of course I want to try the 15 minute orgasm (although it scares the hell out of me) but as for the diet, I’m finished with it.

I know a lot of people are sceptical of the book and the methods used ( I heard a lot of “that’s bull shit” from people while I was on it) but he did 10 years of tests and studying and brought in some of the best medical people around to help him prove what he discovered.   A lot of it is contravertial and I think that’s why I liked it!  Even if you don’t want to do this plan, I DO suggest you read the book as it’s a good read and an easy read and he makes it entertaining.

I was writing a top 5 tips list for the diet before deciding to give it up so here is the abbreviated version if you are going to try and be successful doing the plan.

Top 5 tips for 4-Hour Body.

  1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Have a lot of prepped meals ready and research a lot of recipes.
  2. To prevent gas, use canned beans
  3. Spices are your best friends
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Take the recommended Magnesium and Calcium supplements, with so much water, they help!

So that’s that. I’m done. I quit. Say what you want, I don’t care. I’m going to enjoy my food and that’s that.

Good luck to those of you who are trying it and I praise those of you who stick with it!


  1. Hey man,

    I’m doing the #4HB and came across this post on Twitter. I’m right there with ya. I cannot STAND beans for breakfast. The good news is there are other ways to lose the weight. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


    • Good luck with it! If you’re able to stick with it, I think it could be a great plan, it’s just not for me. I know I can drop these last 10lbs with some exercise and healthy eating with foods that I like!

      Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. You should only do that which you are confident in. If you hated it you’re not a failure for quitting it, you would have eventually anyhow it sounds like. You realized early you didn’t like it … Maybe there are more positive things you can take from it and build a diet that works for you. The 10 pounds so fast seems weird but I haven’t read the book yet, its in my queue. Good luck back in your own diet, don’t stray far and get right on another healthy path.

    • It’s a great book, I took a lot away from it! But as you mentioned, trying to force myself to do it is just setting myself up for failure! I successfully lost 100+ pounds with my own diet and at one point I was 182lbs and 9% body fat. I know I can get back to that now that I’m back home and have a routine again.

      Thanks for the support!

  3. Hey, been reading your tweets and blogs since I started looking for 4hb peeps on twitter. I’m right there with you! I promised my husband I’d try it for a month. He wanted the extra support, so I agreed. He’s going to keep going with it. I will NOT. After tomorrow, I’m DONE. I miss all of the things you listed, too, and have successfully lost weight incorporating all of them into by diet. I’m going back to Weight Watchers but have come away from this with some good insights. I like that I’ve barely touched anything overly processed. I like that I’ve had the discipline to avoid emotional eating. But the beans. Oh god, the BEANS. *gag* and I like them but not Every. Meal.

    Best of luck to you. Although quitting isn’t fun, it’s better than choking down food each day and being miserable. Food should be enjoyed!

    • We can still be successful and enjoy what we eat. I just wanted to give this a shot and see what happened. Unfortunately what happened was that I realized I hate beans!

  4. Good for you. The only way to lose weight is finding a way that works for you and don’t make you feel miserable the whole time.

  5. The “brain fog” passes after a a very short period of time, and mental clarity actually increases. This is supported by research looking at adult fasting. You just need to wait for the adaptations to occur. Evolution wouldn’t allow humans to be fucked up from not eating every 2 hrs. Our species wouldn’t have made it.

    You may be interested to check out Martin Berkham’s Top 10 fasting myths. It’s long but a great deconstruction of the evidence. I’m a fitness professional and fast ~16 hrs daily. Once one accepts it psychologically, it’s hard go back. It’s my red pill.

  6. Another one bites the dust…:)

    I hope it was worth the experiment — I know that even though I ended 4HB after four weeks, I had a renewed interest in how nutrition fuels my body for different needs.

    The bread thing was tough on me, too.

  7. 10lbs in 10 days?? That’s something to be proud of alone. 4HB isn’t for everyone so I hope that you find what works well for you 🙂

  8. I tried it and lasted about three days. I will say I always felt full on it, but to your first tip, being prepared is key. I found the first time I didn’t have a meal planned out it was easy to throw in the towel. However, your results were great. I am still going to follow some of the things as well. good luck!

  9. You lost me at beans. Eww. Eff that. I love me some veggies, tho. Kudos to you for trying it, tho. All you can do is what works for you. You’re not quitting anything – nothing to be ashamed of. If you are miserable doing it, it’s probably not going to work out in the long run.

    No matter what anyone says, you gotta do it for you!

  10. If you don’t love what you’re doing and how you’re eating, it isn’t a plan for you. For sure. Thanks for sharing your insights about 4HB Scott.

  11. Good for you for admitting that this isn’t for you and recognizing that there is more to life then losing a couple of pounds. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am skeptical of this diet because of all the restrictions. I am a fan of everything in moderation and balance and I believe that is the key to long term success.

  12. Well, congrats on being decisive and knowing what you need. Sounds like you’ve already seen success elsewhere with losing weight, so you can afford to give up the #4HB. Then again – what about the muscle building program? Did you find anything in that for you? Looks as though it’s not weight loss that is a problem for you.

    So far I’m on week 2 and I know I’ve made mistakes so far, but I was down 3lbs in the first week and I want to continue. I can handle beans, but I don’t eat meat. So that’s its own difficulty.

  13. I came across this site after doing a quick Google search for high protein pancakes. My tummy is growling as I’ve lost track of time poking around your site.
    Ironically, I came into possession of the 4 Hour Body Book two weeks ago. I agree there is some good content (wtf 15min orgasm!) and useful information but I’m not so sure about putting on all that muscle in such a short time frame (esp as a female).
    Something you might want to check out is How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek. The book is fantastic. And after changing a few things to my diet and lifestyle I am the leanest, healthiest I’ve ever been. And I have so much more energy even so I’ve eliminated all stimulants. No more coffee, as if. Yes, it’s true! If I can do it, so can you 🙂

    The point is to find something that works for you in body, mind and spirit. That’s the key to success.

    Ok, time to make some pancakes…

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve heard of the C.H.E.K. inst and Paul Chek, not sure it’s for me but would like to read the book.

      How did the pancakes turn out?

  14. Scott –

    Any chance your 10 lbs could be carb/water loss? Sounds like with cutting out of bread and some carbs that could be it.

    Can you give us an update on any “gain back” (if any)?

    Glad to hear your quitting, I was tired of hearing your complaining via twitter! ;-P (kidding!)


    • I’m not sure what the initial loss would have been. I wasn’t eating well at the time so it could be anything.

      I’m still at the same weight loss I was so I’m happy I gave it up!

  15. I read the whole book and was really excited about it, but when it comes down to it, there’s no way I could follow it, even as an experiment. You can’t workout efficiently without carbs and I don’t really eat meat or dairy so that didn’t leave a whole lot.

    What I did like about the book was that it just goes to show how many different ways there are to go about things, and that you don’t have to have 20 hours a week to workout to make a difference in your body.

  16. I quit it a month ago too. Been doing the intermittent fasting/leangains protocol and feel great. Not sure if fasting is good for hypoglycemia, I googled it and it seems to help for that.

  17. I’ve lost around 12lb doing the Slow-Carb Diet from The 4-Hour Body since last month. Progress has been slow the lately, so I moved from a non-SCD 3 boiled eggs for breakfast (high protein, low carbs) to adding beans and veg to try and kick-start things – nothing like my previous breakfasts which included cereal, toast, yoghurt etc. or full-English.

    I don’t mind the beans (apart from the white beans I got) and I mix things up by using red kidney, black, black-eyed and four-bean cans. Chili is almost a daily meal, which I actually enjoy – it’s quick and easy to do and you can have some variety depending on the meat, veg, beans and spices you use.

    You seem to have got some positive things out of your experience with the book but, as you say, if you’d rather take a slower route that’s better suited to you, and one you’ll stick to, that might work out better in the long run (and keep you on the weight loss wagon) than a Tim Ferriss purist minimum effective dose.

    Without the cheat day, I too would be joining you in abandoning efforts, as I crave much of what I’m not allowed 6-days a week. Good luck with your new regime.


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