Set Yourself Goals and Make them Known


If you follow my personal blog on this site or read my tweets on Twitter, you’ll already know I’ve been having a rough go the past month or two.  With all of the personal crap I’ve been dealing with I haven’t made much time for the gym or exercise in general including my sports that I love to play.  My diet has also suffered quite a bit by drinking a lot of beer and back into eating pizza and burgers.  I’m actually up about 6 lbs in the last 2 months.  I can’t remember the last time I put ON weight.  It’s actually been really bugging me that I’m letting myself slip like this but I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to get back into everything.

Last night I sat myself down and had a talk with myself (not really, just figuratively… I’m not crazy… ) about what I needed to do to get my act together.  As I’m sitting there, thinking about everything that’s going on in my life right now,  I had something trigger a memory of one of my old tricks that I use to use to motivate myself in the initial stages of my weight loss; Set myself a goal and then tell EVERYONE about it.

Anyone can set a goal and not follow through on it, which is what a lot of people do, including yours truly.  It’s actually very easy to do.  But, if you tell everyone and anyone you know what your goal is and what the time frame is that you’ve set for yourself, you’ll feel more inclined to actually follow through on it because if you don’t follow through or if you bail on it, you look pretty stupid.  You may not achieve the goal you set which is OK, as long as you try and don’t give up.  If someone asked me “how did xyz work out for you” I’d feel a lot better about myself if I replied “I did it and I feel great” or “I gave it a great go and was really close, I’ll just push harder next time” rather than saying “oh, I gave up and didn’t get anywhere with it”.

After coming to this realization, I came up with 5 goals for myself. Some are short term and some are long term.  But here they are:

  1. Lose the 6 lbs I put on.
    This is as simple as smartening the hell up.  Stop eating like crap, drinking empty calories and getting my ass back to the gym and back to playing sports. Done!
  2. No alcohol for a month
    My birthday is coming up next week, and after that I’m not drinking any alcohol for a month. I’ve done this before and I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to do in Halifax as there isn’t much else to do on the weekend here, especially when you’re single, but I think I’m going to be busy enough in the next few months with some design work, this site and training that it shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. Run the Bluenose half marathon
    This is one of my long term ones.  The marathon is May 21-23 and I haven’t started to train yet.  I’ve never been a long distance runner. I use to run the 200m and 400m in high school and I think the farthest I’ve ever run has been 5 or 6km, so this should be interesting.
  4. Get my Nova Scotia Fitness Assoc. Fitness Theory Certification
    This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’ve talked about it a lot and I’ve finally decided to do it.  It’s a 6 week course that runs April 8-May 27th and I’m really excited about this one.
  5. Eat Clean, Eat Well
    I’m terrible for eating fast food.  I eat a lot of Subway, Burrito Jax, pre-made sandwiches and salads.  I’m always on the go, but I know that’s not an excuse.  I want to start prepping my meals, freezing them and having them with me and eating clean and well, all the time. I’m a great cook, but once again, I just need to get my ass in gear.

There… I’ve said them out loud.  My goals are now set and I’m going to show you all and myself that I can do them.  Do the same for yourself and let people know what they are and follow up with them.

Wish me luck!


  1. Scott – you’ll learn this when you take the course (if you don’t already know). Goals have to be S.M.A.R.T. – that means they have to be Specific (what is your EXACT goals), Measurable (how will you measure your progress), Attainable (self-explanatory), Realistic, and Timely (by when do you want to reach your goal). Get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to goal settiing and you’ll have loads of success!!

  2. Your goals are fun, exciting and attainable! I think you should add another goal as #1, “Forgive myself for gaining a few pounds.”

    For me at least, I find that I let myself get overly anxious about being human and it can prevent me from being successful on the damage control. Once I started to accept that being human doesn’t have to be seen as an excuse, it was easier to move on 😉

    You’re going to do great at the Half and I’m jealous I won’t be able to be a part of it with all of you great folks! I’ll be there though!!

  3. I 100% believe in the power of putting it up for the world to see. I created my blog with that thought in mind. I posted goals for the year as well as my random thoughts and struggles. When I see the stats from people checking in globally, I know I have to keep up and not quit!

    Good luck, I am sure you will do well and I will check in on you to see how things are progressing.

    Girl Meets Fit


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