No Excuses 30 Day Burpee Challenge


Thursday I posted about how I was feeling like a broken record with regards to my “healthy lifestyle”.  On Twitter, the blog and on Facebook I’ve been saying the same thing over and over again; “This is going to be the week I get back on track”.  Honestly, I wish I had a count total on this because I think I’ve said it once a week for the last 8 months.  I haven’t been sticking to my nutrition and fitness plan or living my ideal lifestyle and it seems like every few weeks I have been starting over again and saying “this is the week”.

Realizing all of this sparked me to start using the hashtag #NoExcuses on Twitter when I was talking about my training, my diet, my sports and my excuses on a daily bases.  “No Excuses” has become my personal mantra and I’ve also now put it on my new business cards, it’s on my Twitter profile, it’s on the new website design and it’s anywhere and everywhere I can put it and I’m implementing it in to my life wherever I can, whenever I can.

Now on to the challenge itself…

You may be sitting there saying “what the hell is a burpee?” so here’s my best explanation:

The burpee is a full body exercise used in strength training and as aerobic exercise. It is performed in five steps:

  1. Begin in a standing position.
  2. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground.
  3. Kick your feet back to put yourself in to a pushup position
  4. Now reverse the movement by returning your feet back towards your hands to the squat position while
  5. Stand back up. That’s 1 burpee.

There are many variations and I’ll talk about them in the video, so check them out.


Depneding on your fitness level, start with the determined amount of burpees for your level and increase that amount by one burpee each day for 30 days.  There are three levels of difficulty and a few different variations of the burpee you can try so find which one works for you.

If you are a beginner to fitness or exercise, this may be a good place for you to start.  Your goal is to do 1 burpee on your first day.  You can do a standard burpee as described above if you’d like or any variation that you need to, but do 1 burpee today.  Tomorrow you’re going to do 2 burpees and on day three you’re going to do 3 burpees.  Increase the amount of burpees you do by 1 each day so by day 30 you should be doing 30 burpees a day.

The intermediate challenge is for someone who’s fitness levels are pretty good.  You may not have done a burpee before but you could pull off 3-5 without stopping.  Your challenge is to start at 8 burpees and you’re doing at least a standard burpee or one of the harder variations.  Again, you’re to add 1 burpee a day for 30 days.

You may be at the same fitness levels as the intermediate (or more advanced) but you’re like me and always want to push yourself harder and further.  Your challenge is to do 15 burpees today.  Yup, 15! And if you’re up for it, you’re going for 15 burpees in a row.  OH, and did I mention you’re doing the more advanced burpee with a jump and a clap in it too?  That’s right. You’re gunna cry!  And as the other levels, you’re adding a burpee a day to your total amount and I’d love to see if you can end up doing 45 burpees in a row without stopping by the end of day 30.

There you have it, the No Excuses 30 Day Burpee Challenge.  Please feel free to ask any questions. Post any comments and PLEASE share your experiences with everyone.


  1. Guess what? I can already do this because I am a mean teacher who makes her students do these in class. So I just volunteered my U students to do this with you! I’ll let you know how they do by day 30. Game On!

  2. am I too late? i’ve been thinking a lot about burpees lately… even did some in Tahoe – SO…. I’m in! I’ll do the push up too…. and the jump…. no clapping to – I’m not that coordinated!

    gotta think about what my goal is though…

    must I disclose what I do now? that is hard?

    ok – since you insist – I can struggle to do 3×10…. so let me think if my goal is more sets/reps w the breaks and/or more continuous….

    • You’re not too late at all. Make your goal something attainable but make sure you challenge yourself.

  3. Okay, so…I had decided that I couldn’t do burpees, but my body proved otherwise today. My plan is to do the intermediate challenge…started today…

    • Everyone is scared of Burpees for some reason. They’re tough, but they’re not impossible. Glad to hear you’re on board!

  4. I’m game! Have to start with the beginner kind, but that’s allllright. Thanks for motivating!

  5. OK, I’m in!!! I am going to start today at Advanced level. 15 burpees here I come!

  6. Burpees are WICKED! I love this challenge – it is just what I need!!!! I start as soon as I get home….what will be my starting number? Can’t wait to find out!

    • I LOVE when people say things like “Burpees are WICKED!”.

      Your starting number is based on what you think you can do. I’ve set out three standards of “Beginner” “Intermediate” and “Advanced” and demonstrated 5 variations, but you can combine any of them to get what you think you need out of it. Good luck!

  7. Sound like a cool challenge. I’m in. I like that you had an easy variation that doesn’t include the push-up. I admit, I’m a woman and I suck at push-ups. But after seeing that variation, I tried it. I was able to do 5 in a row so that’s where I’m starting.

    gypsygirl from fitocracy

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  9. I hate you (not really), and I hate your burpees (that part is kind of true)…but I am in, and I just did 10.

  10. Wow. This sounds horrible and wonderful all at the same time. I’m in!

  11. Im in pal!
    I also have an idea about my BE THE BURPEE shirts for this challenge and YIS.

    Lets chat!


    With that being said, I’ll go ahead and through this into my routine and see what happens!

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  14. […] few of our wonderful Sweat Pink Ambassadors started talking up the 30 Day Burpee Challenge (started by the wonderful blog, Your Inner Skinny) over email and we thought, why not?!? We love […]

  15. Nothing better than a good old fashioned burpee challenge! Burpees are so difficult but they are absolutely amazing for you! Love the post, check out the site below, you can choose a challenge and compare yourself to other people all around the world, proceeds go toward cancer research too!


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