New Running Gear, 6k and a Visit Home


Last week I posted about Running My First Full 5k Ever and how I was beyond ecstatic about it and that I couldn’t have done it without the support of my Team Myles teammates and coaches.

Something about Team Myles that I may not have mentioned yet is that we’ve got some great sponsors supporting our team!  Of course there is the great guys, Kris and Devon, from Push Fitness who are training us and keeping us motivated. Yours truly from Your Inner Skinny doing all of the technical training, inspirational writing coaching and maintenance of the Team Myles blogs.  Dorothy from 108 Yoga has given us 10 yoga sessions while we are training so we stay limber.  GoodLife has given us a six month gym memberships.  The gang over at LifeMark Physio gave us some nutritional, physio and footware tips and training on how to stay healthy during our runs.  And last but not least, Adidas has donated all new running gear to us.


We each got new sneakers, a customized long sleeve running shirt and a custom track suit!

This past weekend I headed home to PEI (Prince Edward Island) to visit my family and because I was yet again missing a long Saturday morning run with the team, I decided to suit up in my new gear and head out in the snowy countryside of PEI and try to do a 7k run.  Gina suited up right along with me on the beautiful sunny day, about 4C, and off we went.

It was very weird to run in the country instead of in the city.  Snowy fields, farm houses, the neighbour’s dog running beside us and no traffic or annoying pedestrians getting in the way, it was great!  My goal was to run 7k without stopping and even though I didn’t get there, I’m very happy to say I once again pushed myself to a new milestone, 6k without stopping.  It was a weird role reversal on our run because when we workout I’m usually the one encouraging (yelling) at Gina to push harder, faster, stronger but when it comes to running, it’s her who does that for me.  And to be honest, if she wasn’t there with me on Saturday, I may not have pushed myself to 6k.

All in all we had an amazing and relaxing weekend topped off with a gratifying burger and fries and a beer from the Gahan House to celebrate after our run.  If you’ve never heard of or been to the Gahan House, try to get there!  They brew their own beer and it’s A.MA.ZING!  I personally love the red and brown!

I’m happy to see the progress I’m making on the pavement and I can’t wait to see more.


  1. So Jealous…. sweet running gear


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