$100 #MyBetter Christmas Gift Card Giveaway


Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything and it’s for no other reason than the fact that life is busy as hell lately.

Since buying into the gym, I’m now working 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week and even though I’m not making big bucks doing it, I feel very lucky because I’m one of the few people in the world who loves his job and that’s worth more than money to me (for now).

Why am I working 14 hours a day? Because I’m a new small business owner, that’s why.  I’m doing all of the marketing and social media, a lot of new business dev, personal training clients, teaching classes and doing new programming.  But again, I’m not complaining, I love it all, it just doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  I’m also trying to step up my own personal training and become a better trainer.  I just recently travelled 2,500 km to Vancouver to do CrossFit L1 course, and wow, what an awesome experience and I’ll write about it and share that soon!

This past week I realized that over the last month I’ve been working so hard at my business life that my gym time and training has been suffering, big time. So has my blogging, workout videos and social media time.  I’ve also come to realize that I miss all of that, a lot.  So since last week I’ve been killing WODs like a mofo, however my social media and interaction with people has been very limited.  That being said, I have a peace offering for you all… A CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!

As you know I’m always trying to improve myself and make myself better and now, with the help of Sport Chek, I want to help make YOU better.  Sport Chek has given me a $100 gift card to give away to one of my amazing followers, THAT’S YOU!  This means that I’m going to do a Christmas Gift Card Giveaway for the next week.

You can enter the contest a few ways using a few social media outlets and each time you use one, it gives you another chance to win. So if you use all 3 ways, you get 3 entries.

Here’s how to enter:


  1. Comment below with your current fitness goals and with how you want to make yourself better.


  1. Follow me (@YourInnerSkinny) and Sport Chek (@SportChek) on Twitter.
  2. Send out the following tweet: I want to get #MyBetter on with @YourInnerSkinny and @SportChek.


  1. Follow me (@YourInnerSkinny) on Instagram
  2. Take a picture of yourself doing something active and use the caption: I want to get #MyBetter on with @YourInnerSkinny and @SportChek.

Contest starts Friday, December 7th 2012 and closes December 14th at 2pm EST.  Contest is open to Canadian residents only and a winner will be picked at random.


After a great response to the #MyBetter $100 gift card giveaway to Sport Chek, I’m happy to announce the winner today; Jason Wang. His entry was via Twitter (@therealjwang).

Just to clarify, I did pick the winner at complete random and everyone was listed in the order they posted their tweets, comments or pics.  There were a total of 51 entries and he was selected completely at random.

Thanks again to Sport Chek for the chance to give this gift at Christmas time and thanks to everyone who entered.

Keep going after your better! #MyBetter


  1. YES Sportchek! My current fitness goals are: keep hitting weights hard, start training for a number of mini tris that are happening in the spring, and continue to improve my skills as a zumba instructor. I’d like to continuously keep pushing myself to be better. I tend to have periods of super high motivation where I’m killing it and then periods of really low motivation and it just erases all the progress I’ve made. I’d like to balance that peak and trough pattern out completely.

    • Great goals! How long is a mini tri? I hate running, biking and swimming but I still think doing one would be cool.

  2. I have been concentrating on building some muscle – I realize as I get older that this is very important.

    Sweet giveaway!

      • I have been doing some old fashioned strength training. And I am doing some kettlebell routines, and also working along with some body resistance vid that fitnknitchick has been producting and publishing every Friday.

        I have also been doing a lot of isolated core work – some of that is mat work, some standing.

  3. Hey Scott! Right now I would say I am the exact opposite of you in some ways and in the same boat in other ways. I am working hard on a new business too – but it is keeping my butt in front of a computer and on social media way too many hours of the day! (I also am working more for love than money right now!!) So my fitness goal at the moment is simple movement. I live close to a mall (that happens to feature a Sports Chek) so my thought process is to join the morning walking program at the mall – so I need a brand new pair of walking shoes. And that is what the funds would go towards.

    Check out Buffer as a way to save a little time on your outgoing social media posts! It’s what I use when I am on the ball and not quite as buried as I am these days!

    Good luck with your business!

    • Thanks for the tip!

      Moving is the first step in the right direction. Also, diet is key.

      Good luck in your business and keep being active!

  4. My current fitness goal is to complete Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution – I bought it as a birthday present to myself and I’m totally excited to get started (I was going to start this week but some really heady family stuff got in the way)!

  5. Current fitness goals:
    Get into better shape and gain back the stamina I once had when it came to running.
    Eat healthier

    I plan to obtain these by continuing to play hockey and soccer (once a week each) as well as jogging 4 nights a week. Short routes at first and increase weekly until I can keep going for an hour. Also I would like to set a meal plan for myself and stick to it. Make sure I am eating enough protein so I have the energy I need.

    • Great goals! I think some weight training would help as well. Building some muscle mass with help support your sport development and help with your cardio and stamina as well!

  6. Current fitness goals: yoga class 4x a week in order to remain an injury free hockey player!!!!!!

    • Yoga, something I need to more of myself! Are you doing any other training to support your hockey? Weight training and functional fitness really help with sports. It creates stability and strength in your joints and core.

      • I would love to say i’m a dedicated lifter, but i go through waves of dedication. I do enjoy lifting and see and feel results, you’re right it does create more stability, I should jump back on the wave of dedication to lifting to help my game!

  7. My current goal is to lose the last 20lbs of baby weight, run 4x per week and incorporate some strength training at least 2x per week.

    • Awesome! I’d suggest an even split as apposed to running more than strength training. But it’s awesome you’ve got a starting point!

  8. I just want to feel better about myself on a whole. I struggle with the woman in the mirror.

    • That’s a great goal, but how do you plan to attack this? Where are you starting and how are you going to get there?

  9. Current fitness goals: Finally lose last 8 pounds (hey! Last year, it was lose 15, so I’m on my way). Get Type 1 Diabetes under control without excuses. Eat less processed/refined foods. $100 would help me buy CrossFit classes at my gym (they’re extra) and pay for healthier, organic, grass-fed whole foods.

    • Awesome! CrossFit will definitely get you there! It did for me!

      Unfortunately, this is a giveaway for a $100 gift card to Sport Chek, not cash. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it though! Spend the extra money on yourself, you’re worth it!

  10. Hey Scott!

    As you know, I have been going to Just Fitness for a while now! I used to be so scared of crossfit and weight training but now I can’t get enough! My goal for a while was to do one chin up, no band, nothing! For the first time on Saturday, December 8th I was able to do it!!!! Right now, my goal is to tone up, and to flip the big tire in the gym ( I’m not sure how much it weighs) ! I don’t care if I lose/gain weight I just want to be confident and know that I am healthy and fit! I have been doing the paleo lifestyle for about a month now and I have never felt better! I guess another goal of mine would be to continue to eat clean and have a cheat day here and there!

    • Awesome Job Erica! Congrats on the accomplishment. Next is 5 in a row!

      As for the tire, I’d put money on it that you could do that today! Way to keep at it and I love your attitude!

  11. Current Fitness Goals are to continue to hit up classes at the least 3 times a week, even during the holidays to stay active and keep myself fit!
    I hope to try and stay motivated and not lose interest and start skipping too much classes, can’t wait to see more improvements in my times and hopefully start losing some of the extra winter weight I manage to pack on every year during these cold months, lol.

  12. Looking to put on size. Sometimes being an extomorph sucks! Also trying to live a active lifestyle so my kids grow up being active as well!

  13. My current fitness goal is to lose about 10 pounds and become lean and toned.

    • How do you plan on doing this? It’s great to have an end goal but knowing how to get there and where to start is the first step.

  14. My current fitness goal is to quit smoking and hit the gym to become healthier in 2013!

  15. I’d like to get my bench press up match my bowling average. I also just want to become as fit as I can be. I enjoy the feeling of getting bigger, faster and stronger.

    • Training harder, faster and heavier creates bigger, stronger and faster athletes. You’re doing an awesome job! Keep it up!

  16. My current fitness goal is to attack CrossFit relentlessly in preparation for the CrossFit Open in March with the intention to qualify for the CrossFit games.

    • NICE! How long have you been doing CF? Where are you training? Are you trying to get there this year?

      • Training at l’Usine Crossfit in Gatineau, and have been incorporating CrossFit like yourself in workouts since 2009, but I am really focused on it now and it is my sport of choice nowadays. I am trying to get there this year and it is a goal I’ve set for myself. Love your website and love following your journey!

  17. Kimberley Bailey

    Well after I am better from bronchitis, I want to start back with yoga. I do manage to walk the dog on a regular basis but want to extend the walk as well. I feel that I need to become more active if for nothing less then to build my stanima which will help with keeping illnesses at bay.

    • Being healthy and active helps with all kinds of illness. Diet is a huge part of this too. I hope you get better soon!

  18. My current fitness goal is to start walking daily. I need to incorporate more exercise into my life and I feel that I can start small by walking daily if only for 10 minutes a day. Some exercise is better than none!

  19. My fitness goal is to keep up with going to Crossfit classes at least 3 times a week. I also want to eat healthier (read: bye bye frozen dinners) so my New Years resolution is to try Paleo!

  20. Love Sport Chek. My current goals are continuing with my strength & muscle building. I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels methods for a few mos & I can’t believe how strong & ripped I’m getting! I’m also trying to get back into running after taking a long break to allow an injury to heal. 🙂

  21. Well, I just had a little water cooler chat with someone who is thinking of doing Life Change at Just Fitness. That conversation prompted me to take a peek at your website. I generally stay in ok shape by playing sports and I have done various bootcamps and programs on-again-off-again, but I’m ready for some consistency… I want to stick with a workout program and get results. That is my goal – commit.

  22. My biggest fitness goal right now is to work my arms out more often since I’d noticed they’re pretty lanky!


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