Me vs. Connor McDavid


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a personal blog post, I’d say almost 8 months… So I figured it was time to get the fingers back to the keyboard and what better way than to start with this story!?

On Thursday I had the opportunity to face Connor McDavid, one on one, in a shootout! For those of you who don’t know who McDavid is, you must not be a hockey fan, and if you are a hockey fan, where the hell have you been living for the last 4 years? The way I describe McDavid, aka McJesus, is as follows; the same way Sidney Crosby was/is the next Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid is the next Crosby! You follow?

I got this amazing opportunity through BIOSTEEL and Rogers SportsNet. I won a social media contest where I had to openly challenge McDavid to a shootout. I had just come out of retirement (6 years off the ice) and thought this would be a smart idea…

I really didn’t think I was going to win the contest, but when I did, I really didn’t think I would make any saves, so the social media trash talk began. I would later regret this decision. 

Yeah, so, apparently McDavid heard about the fact that I was chirping on social media, and because of it, he really wanted to make an example of me and make me eat my words. I can’t go into detail about the shootout, or show any video at this time, but this will be airing on Rogers SportsNet in the fall, so I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s one.  The few things I can tell you are this; 1) it definitely felt like he tried harder a against me than he did the tower two goalies, my own fault, I should have kept my mouth shut. 2) he made me look very very stupid on at least 2 breakaways, and I made a save!!

Besides having the opportunity to face one of the best in the world, BIOSTEEL had a full day of stuff for us and I got to meet some awesome people! Yes that is Stroman, Wiggins and Seguin!!

Rogers also hooked us up with box seats to the Blue Jays game the day before, and we got to visit the Blue Jays Central Set.

At the end of the day, Connor and I made friendly, yes, I call him Connor now. It was a really great time and I can’t thank BIOSTEEL and SportsNet enough for the opportunity!

I’ll let you guys know when this will be on the air, so you can see me get made a fool by a 19 year old.


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