Male Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Pregnancy Update



Is the “dad bod” really what’s in fashion and in style these days for guys? Do women really find this sexy? Or is this just a way for people to make more excuses for not being healthy, eating well and exercising?

I’m not saying everyone should strive for a 6 pack! Hell, I only have a 1 1/2 pack on good days, but are we really aiming for below mediocracy in every part of today’s society?

Since we announced that G. was pregnant, everyone has been saying things like “oh, look out for that sympathy weight, Scott” or “Now G. has a free card to eat whatever she wants”.

Why is this how people look at pregnancy? Why am I going to put on weight? Why does G. now have a free pass to eat A&W and KFC every day? Why would we want our baby to be growing on fast food, chips and ice cream? How is that good for growing a developing little human and why would you want to do that to your child? This doesn’t make any sense to me!!

I understand that there are cravings and hormones that are beyond anyone’s control come into play, however, since we found out that G. was preggers, I’ve lost 10 lbs, and at 23 weeks, she has only put on 12 lbs. and from what I have read, that’s right where she should be. We’ve cleaned up our diet to be almost perfect, eating clean and mostly organic foods; meats, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, some dairy and some carbs like brown rice and quinoa. Don’t get me wrong, G. gets major cravings and we have a cheat meal every weekend, but because she doesn’t want our baby to be eating garbage food, she’s been amazingly strong and not giving into these cravings or at least tries to get rid of them when we have our cheat meals.

I’m very fortunate to know that my wife is a very strong woman and that she only wants the best for our baby (as I’m sure all women do), and I’m so beyond proud of her for having the will power to make sure that our little boy is getting proper nutrition to grow and be strong.

I don’t intend to put on any sympathy weight over the next 4 months, and I will always try to be a good influence and role model for my son. He doesn’t need to go through the same shit that I did with weight gain and food addiction and I want to make sure that he’s on that right path, starting now.


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