Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true! Part 1, DONUTS.



I would consider the title of this post a very general blanket statement for anything and everything that you read online, but today I’m going to be a little more specific and use it in my world of health, fitness, weight loss and gym ownership.

As a gym owner (co-owner) I can, and do, hear some ridiculous claims and theories that people bring to me about health, fitness trends, a new cleanse, how to eat healthy without having to eat healthy, or some other thing they “Saw on Dr. Oz…”. And as a health and fitness social media guy and blogger, I also write about things and open myself up to the possibility of attacks and arguments from people who read what I post. It also means that I’m reading a lot of other blogs and social media fitness people’s stuff too, and to be frank, some of what I’m seeing and reading frightens me.

I’ll be the first to tell you that what I write isn’t gospel, most of it is my opinion, but I do research a lot and try to have all of my information before I make a blog post or give someone advice. At the gym if I don’t have the answer or get asked something that I don’t know, I will never pretend to know the answer, but I will always try and find it.

Lately I’ve been seeing quite a few bloggers, instagramers and “famous” health and fitness folks writing posts, sharing pictures and spreading the gospel for information I just don’t agree with. It could be anything from only having to workout 3 minutes a day, three days a week, or that everyone should eat donuts before/after you workout and they won’t make you fat, or that it’s ok to eat Paleo fudge, cookies or brownies all the time and you won’t gain any weight.

Man I wish these things were true! I LOVE donuts. Almost as much as I love bacon (something else you shouldn’t eat every day). But for the most part, these statements are not true! Well not for everyone, anyway!

Making blanket statements like “everyone should and can eat donuts after a workout” or “everyone should be Paleo” just isn’t right. I know for a fact that I can’t eat donuts as a source of energy before or after my workout. Actually, that’s not true… Scientifically speaking I CAN eat them for a source of energy (carbs), however, because I was fat before, my fat cells grow and store fat much easier than someone who was never fat before, and therefore if I eat donuts, no matter the time of day, they don’t get completely burned off and I put on weight quickly. Yes there IS science out there that is showing that all carbs are created equal, but not everyone can do or treat their body the same way, and to be stubborn and hard headed enough to argue that this is always correct and to push it out to an uneducated public who think everything they read and see is right, is so very wrong!

I know that it’s the responsibility of the people who are consuming this information to confirm, triple check and make sure what they’re reading or seeing is right, but I also believe that it’s the responsibility of those pushing this kind of information and content to the general public to make sure they aren’t misleading people or giving them incorrect information.

This is just one example of health and fitness BS I see daily and it’s the one that has been bothering me the most lately. I also know I’m opening a giant can of worms here, but I’m really interested to hear what people think about this. Do you think we’re in a world where people just believe everything they read? Is it up to the publisher or the consumer of content to verify what is truth? Please comment below.


  1. I love donuts and hate blanket statements. There are indeed a lot of scientific truths out there in the health and fitness world, but you have to wade through all of the crap and self promotions to find them. It is unfortunate that in this industry, anyone can label themselves a “coach” without so much as having to open up a textbook to actually understand how the human body works…or doesn’t work.

    I agree, everyone’s journey is different. I tell all of my clients to focus on THEMSELVES…and what works for them. It might not be exactly what works for me, or your neighbor, or the girl on the infomercial on TV at 2:00 am. Great post, my friend.

  2. Liking a lot of this. You have to do what works for you, both in the gym and at the kitchen. It’s pretty much axiomatic that you can discard the advice of anyone who insists there’s only one way to do something. I just put up a similar post, a little wider in scope but along the same basic lines — hope you don’t mind my linking to it. http://fitnessfortheregularguy.blogspot.com/2015/03/dont-be-hater.html


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