I’ve had an Epiphany


Recently I’ve written a few posts about my struggles with my weight and about the fact that I’ve realized that I’m still a fat kid and that I still have a constant and daily struggle with food.  This is something that a lot of people deal with so I know I’m not alone on this one, but what’s most frustrating to me is that I train so hard and eat so well during the week and then sabotage myself on the weekend and blow away all the great work I just did, sometimes it almost makes me want to give up completely.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in having “cheat days” when you’re training or trying to lose weight.  I believe they’re needed solely because I know if I didn’t give myself one or two cheat meals a week, I’d go absolutely insane and I’d end up completely falling off the wagon and I wouldn’t get back on it.

As many of you know, my vice is pizza.  I think it’s the greatest food ever created!!!!  Pizza, along with beer, was the main contributor to me packing on 110 lbs in the first place and it’s the one thing, besides beer, that I haven’t been able to kick 100%.

I know this isn’t a food that most people eat on a daily basis but for me, there was a period in time when I ate pizza 4 to 5 times a week.  It’s so easy to just dial a number and have a huge portion of an amazing food delivered to my door and not even think twice about eating the entire thing.  When I was at my worst I was ordering two large pizzas, eating one for supper and then the second for breakfast the next morning.

To break it down for you, one slice of pizza (1/8 pizza) from a 14″ Large Hand-Tossed Meat Lover’s pizza from Pizza Hut, has 440 cals, 26g of fat, 39g of carbs and a whopping 1390mg of sodium… IN ONE SLICE!!   After writing that out I’m actually too disgusted to multiply all of this by eight to get the full value of what I would consume in less than 20 minutes in one sitting, several times a week.

Recently I’ve been a lot of pizza again and I’m not happy about it.  Actually, that’s not true at all… I’ve been loving it in my belly but I’ve not been happy about the belly that is coming along with it.  So now I’ve decided I’m giving it up cold turkey.  Mmmmm… cold turkey.

This week I read a post by Katy Widirick that made me have an epiphany.  She’s been doing the The 4-Hour Body plan by Tim Ferris (who I’ve been a fan of for quite some time after reading his other book The 4-Hour Work Week), and she looks amazing!  I’ve been wanting to read this book since I heard about it and after reading Katy’s post and seeing her amazing progress pics I’ve decided I’m going out to buy the book this weekend I’m going to sacrifice my pizza and take that final step I’ve been wanting to take to get myself and my body to where I actually want it to be.

I talk a lot of talk and now it’s time to do the walk… Fuck it, do the run.  I’m tired of writing posts where I’m complaining and talking about struggling to lose that last bit of weight. I want to start writing posts about me bragging and showing off my body and my success and how awesome I feel mentally.

People ask me all the time “what’s the best way to get started in getting healthy?” and I always answer the same way “stop putting it off and just get out there and do it”.  I need to take my own advice and thanks to Katy’s post, I’m going to.


  1. You are awesome — and while I appreciate the credit, YOU had to make the decision…I just showed you that it’s OK to take a leap.

    No matter what happens with 4HB, I’m now a *big* believer in the idea of having one designated “treat” day. I find myself really looking forward to my Saturday, and having a very easy time deferring the treats for the other 6 days. Then on Saturday, I enjoy every greasy bite.

    Another weird consequence? On both of my treat days so far, I’ve eaten to the point of discomfort. It turns out that being allowed to eat whatever you want sounds better than it is. If I can get my head around having a treat day that is NOT an all-you-can-eat fest, I think I’ll be in a much better place.

    Keep me posted!!!!!

    • This is something that I’ve done a few times but I always fall off the wagon. Before touring around Europe I was in the shape I’d been in since before my motorcycle accident. I was 184lbs and under 10% body fat. I’ve let myself slip and I’ve been making excuses for it.

      I’m really looking forward to reading the book whether it helps me or not, it’s a step in the right direction.

      Thanks again for showing off your progress, you look fantastic!

  2. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you. I feel like I’ve been plateaued in my weight loss/progress for the better part of 6 months. I just can’t get off the ledge.

    • Everyone needs a push sometimes, this is mine. I’ve got a small push just from being inspired and now I’m ready to run full steam ahead. Hopefully I can help someone with this too!

  3. congratulations on taking a stand (AND taking your own advice. i need to work on that, too!) and making the changes that you feel are necessary.
    I have heard about the book, too, but haven’t been ‘convinced’ that it is something for me. After reading this, and now heading over to see Katy’s take on it (don’t you just LOVE her???), I think I know where i’ll be spending the amazon dot com gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket.
    Keep up the great work, and I agree with Katy. Treats are important.
    Be Well,

    • Thanks for the congrats! I just needed someone to give me a good old fashioned kick in the ass and whether she knew her post was going to do that for someone or not, Katy did it for me. I can’t wait to get started!

  4. Great post Scott. Good luck with the “no pizza” rule. I’m doing an all Vegan diet thing right now, and have lost seven lbs. Mostly because I have cut out sugar and dairy. Keep up the good work and just as a side issue….where the hell are you doing to lose the “extra” weight from??? You look amazing. Do you have fat feet???
    Love ya,

  5. Hooray! I saw this book on Dr. Oz recently and I’m fascinated with it. Of course he made it all seem so easy and obtainable on the show, so I’m curious to find out what it really entails. I’ll be following you and Katy closely.

  6. I need to follow your advice and take a stand for myself. I’ve been doing the train hard and eat well all week routine myself, and I wonder why the weight’s been slow to come off. Time for a change. Been wanting to read the book too. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do.

  7. I’m not a big believe in “fate”, but it seems there is a reason I clicked on something on twitter that led me here….weird. And someone else I follow on twitter follows you, as well. Strange for me, only because your words so EXACTLY echo mine from earlier this evening….”what’s most frustrating to me is that I train so hard and eat so well during the week and then sabotage myself on the weekend and blow away all the great work I just did, sometimes it almost makes me want to give up completely.”
    Wow. I so hear you on that one today. Man.

    Thankfully, I had someone to keep me in check, and I am so grateful for that. Not keep me in check with what I ate….no…but keeping my anger with myself in check. In his words: “It’s okay to make a mistake. Just don’t use it as an excuse to stop. You have already lost, so you know what you have to do now. Being angry about it and giving up makes no sense.”

    I look forward to reading about your experiences with the book! Keep on, keeping on. 🙂

  8. hey, just found your blog! first off, congrats on the weight loss and a healthy attitude! i’m with you though, i struggle daily and have a bad habit of cheating too much on my cheat day. it’s a cycle i’m working to break but it’s a hard one. keep up the great work!

  9. You need to live or workout on the Darkside so I can join ya for that extra motivation. Doing it alone sucks at times.


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