Do You Think #AllSweatIsEqual?



I’m excited to announce that I’ve recently partnered up with Sport Chek to spread the word about their new health and fitness campaign – ‘All Sweat Is Equal’.

Before I knew much about this tagline, and before Sport Chek ever reached out to me, we had a few laughs back and forth over the hashtag on Twitter…


It was kind of a smart-ass comment on my part, but I loved how they handled it, and it got me thinking about what the hashtag #AllSweatIsEqual actually means.

The Manifesto

All Sweat Is Equal are four words that encapsulate the belief that anyone training towards their better should be held in the same esteem as anyone else training towards their better. All Sweat Is Equal levels the playing field to acknowledge and recognize anyone with the tenacity to push themselves forward, to take the path of more resistance and resolve to always try their very best. Because every drop of sweat is equal to any other.

I love this!

I train and work with every different kind of human ability at Just Fitness. At our gym we have high-level MMA fighters who are on their way to great things in their fight careers, we have government employees who have let life hold them down for a period of time and they are now looking to change their lives, we have a 74 year old great grandmother who wants to stay active for her many grand kids, we have people recovering from accidents of all kinds, and we have every day people who are just looking to better themselves overall.

All of them are in the gym day in and day out, all of them put in work, and they all sweat the same kind of sweat. Their goals may be different, but their drive is the same. So to me, I personally love the ‘All Sweat is Equal’ statement. It is an inclusive anthem that challenges all athletes, no matter the age, gender or body composition, to strive for their own personal best! How can you not love that?

What this means for me

Because I’m partnering up with Sport Chek they sent me a pretty bad-ass welcome package of products that I feel will benefit me in my fitness, my sports and my recovery (shoulder). I’ve been out of town for the past four days with our Warrior Strong MMA Fight Team, so I haven’t had a chance to play with everything, but check out the awesomeness in this box. I’m really hoping I can recover my shoulder so I don’t have to have surgery until after softball season!


What’s in the box?

I won’t lie, the thing I’m most excited about are my new NIKE METCON shoes. I’ve had my eye on these shoes for months and they’ve been sold out everywhere in North America, but now they’re finally mine (and there are still a few pairs online right now)! They will hopefully be getting here this week.

I’m really excited to be working with Sport Chek and to help spread the word about and the meaning behind “All Sweat is Equal”. You know, I don’t pull any punches or BS, ever! I really do believe in the manifesto because I can relate it to so many people I know, including myself!

So, do you think #AllSweatIsEqual?



  1. Love this! I feel like it goes in line with the idea that everyone is a runner, no matter how fast you may be! Sweat is sweat, and all that matters is that you are making yourself healthier and happier in the process.

    • No, you’re the best! I’m not a runner no, but I also don’t do CrossFit. I do what’s best for me at any given time. It could be an MMA workout, it could be a short run (#RunningSucks), maybe some power lifting or a HIIT workout… at the end of the day, I’m moving and working and that’s what matters.

      Can’t wait to work with you on this, bestie!

  2. Congrats on the campaign Scott!! I bought my husband SAXX underwear last year for Christmas and he has since replaced all his undies with them…he loves them 🙂

  3. Love this! There is no one way or “right way” to sweat. If you don’t love, or at least enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t last.


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