Getting Ready for the New Year in the Gym


The New Year is coming…

With Christmas just around the corner, we all know that means lots of turkey, a lot of sweets and a lot of gravy, in that and any other order. And because of this, gyms are always busiest right after New Years. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the New Years rush and resolutions! It gets a lot of people on the right track for the year, however, why not start BEFORE the New Year?

There are just over two weeks before New Years Eve, and we yes, we may be running lessened hours at Just Fitness, but we are still open, and so are most gyms, so why not get yourself into the gym tonight or tomorrow, and start a routine, before 2017 hits? Plus, if you start now, you won’t feel as guilty eating that Kahlua soaked cookie topped with whipped cream, if you put in a kick-ass workout in beforehand.

How do you prepare for the Holidays?  Do you watch what you eat over Christmas? Do you do New Years resolutions? Do you stick with the gym?

I’ll be hitting the gym and indulging on Christmas day and Boxing Day, and New Years Eve, but outside of that, my days stay pretty much the same.

Merry Christmas!


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