Don’t fall for the “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit” BS!


I’m going to start this post with this statement: This is a rant, and the people who have done the “Fit to fat to fit” marketing ploy should be ashamed of themselves!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “Fit to Fat, to Fit” people, Google “Fit to fat to fit”… you’ll see lots of marketing campaigns and fit personal trainers who decided they were going to go from their fit selves to fat by overindulging in food, so they can “understand their clients”.

What they’re showing you in their marketing campaign sets up false hopes and expectations, and unless they were overweight or obese before their beginning “fit” status, they will never relate to the real struggles of being overweight or obese, and they shouldn’t say that they do.

I’m not saying that these fit people aren’t actually going from “fit to fat”, but what I am saying is that their results to get back to “fit” are misleading, deceptive, arrogant, and many other words that I cannot say out loud around my three year old.

I remember the first person I saw use this method of marketing was about 9 years ago. He was a very fit, big, ripped, built dude who decided to stop working out, start eating like shit and put on a ton of weight in a short period of time, and then lose all the weight he put on. He said he did it to show his clients how easy it is to lose weight and so he could put himself in a mindset of the overweight client.

One of the issues I have with this is that this guy openly admitted to never having a struggle with weight or diet his whole life. If you’ve never had a real issue with food or exercise, you can’t fake it over a 6-8 month period by simply overeating and not working out. The other thing that really bothered me is that because he was previously fit and in great shape, he already had a base. He wasn’t actually starting from square one and having to build a new body on something that has been destroyed over years of not treating it well. He was previously a very muscular man who had an athletic background, and trying to compare these two types of lifestyle is just not the same. Not even close.

I’ve watched a lot of interviews with him, and others who have since followed in his footsteps to gain some sort of viral popularity, and I appreciate the fact that he says he didn’t think it would be this hard to live overweight, but lets be real, he only did it for 6 months; and to not actually have ever struggled with weight loss issues, being overweight, and food addiction, a 6 month choice just isn’t the same as a life-long struggle.

People called what he did “inspirational”, but this is not inspirational at all in my eyes. It was 100% a marketing scam, and to someone who has struggled with food my entire adult life, I call bull shit and say that this whole ploy is fake and insulting.

Most of my clients have struggled with being overweight, food addiction and/or yo-yo dieting for a long time. Some of them have lived their whole lives like this. Being overweight and unhealthy for 6 months, and doing it by choice, is not even remotely close to what people who really struggle go through, and as mentioned above, saying that it does, is arrogant and disrespectful, and straight-up shameful.

There is a lot of marketing BS out there, especially in the health and fitness world. I pride myself on being honest, open and supportive with our clients at Just Fitness, and I try my best to help educate them on how to change their lives and how not to fall into marking bull shit like this.

I’ve been the person who reads stories like his and buys in and then gets so down on himself when he doesn’t see the same results; it’s not fair to try and trick people into selling your product, so we don’t do it. We legitimately try to help people change their lives through education in health, nutrition, and fitness, and in my opinion, anyone who doesn’t do this is an asshole. Watch out for the social media assholes, everyone.


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