Just Fitness Member Feature; Gina Thomson


Over the last 3 months, we’ve been doing features on our gym members at Just Fitness. I’m proud to say that this particular feature means a lot to me, as this is my amazing wife, Gina. We’ve taken 15 gym members of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and experience, and asked them the same 10 questions. Here are G’s answers. (and if you’d like to read the rest, check out the Just Fitness webpage).

The members at Just Fitness accomplish goals every day. We are so proud of every member and their accomplishments and wins they get in the gym, big or small! Every Personal Record, Personal Best, new 1 Rep Max, pound added to a lift, inch off their bellies and centimetre added to their arms, everything our members accomplish is worth celebrating.

Name: Gina Thomson
Age: 36
Profession: Comptroller, Health & Social Services, GNWT 
Gym Nickname: “G.”

1. When did you join Just Fitness?
I joined Just Fitness May 2012

2. Why did you join Just Fitness?

I had recently moved to Yellowknife and I was looking for a new challenge in the gym. Before moving North I had just started doing HIIT workouts and kettlebell training, a big switch from my previous training of running on the treadmill every day like a hamster, so I wanted to find something similar to what I had started on the East Coast.

3. What programs have you done at Just Fitness?

Women’s bootcamp, Warrior Women and Warrior Built.

4. What results have you seen because of joining Just Fitness?

I am stronger than I have ever been in my life! I never really pictured myself as someone who would lift weights, but I love it! Training at JF also gave me a great base going into my pregnancy, and I kept consistent with my workouts during my pregnancy as well. Between all of the research that I did, and with my own personal experience of having a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery, I feel like workout out while pregnant helped me delivery a very happy and healthy little boy.

5. What have you gotten out of being a member at Just Fitness that you weren’t expecting?

Friendships and motivation to keep working. The people at Just Fitness have become friends. There are lots of other working moms here, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone! Working out in a group setting also pushes me to go harder, and lift heavier than I would in my own. These workouts give me endurance and strength that I never even considered having before!

6. What were your 2016 goals and did you meet them?

To get back in shape after having my son. Since I kept in shape during my pregnancy I was able to get back in shape fairly quickly, it is amazing what the body is capable of.

7. What are your 2017 goals?

To consistently go to the gym, even when a busy toddler makes it challenging.

8. What is your favourite workout?

I love full body endurance workouts.

9. What is your favourite “treat” meal?
Anything loaded with carbs and fat; lasagna. 🙂

10. Do you have a motivational message for others?
I am a self proclaimed klutz, and I was never physically active growing up. Over the last 5 years I’ve worked hard in the gym, and I have gotten to a place where I feel like I’m good at most of the movements we do, and I feel like an athlete. If I can get there, anyone can.


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