Is CrossFit better than Traditional Weight Training?


Do you care about how much weight you can bench press or how many bicep curls you can do or are you more concerned about functional movements and functional fitness?

I ask the question and want to hear your answers: “Is CrossFit better than Traditional Weight Training?”

Check out my video blog post below and let me know your opinion.


  1. yes! hands down.. from a overall athletic standpoint. The movements in crossfit aren’t new but the combination of weight, Metabolic conditioning, mobility education and gymnastic skills are something special i think… Sure if i want to be in the Olympics for Oly Lifting then i need to just Oly Lift.. or i want to try and chase Sara hall or Usain Bolt then things have to change to more specialization. However being competent at almost any athletic event is what Crossfit can allow… not to mention it can be added to any fitness routine and will make them better. Where as traditional weight training just addresses a narrower view. ..thats a bit all over the place.. haha

  2. I’ve never tried crossfit (bucket list item) but I can definitely see the benefits to doing it over traditional lifting just in terms of overall function. I think I would love crossfit more because it’s such a great overall workout.

  3. Yes!! I think all the evidence — your increased strength, for example — say it all. Our body weight and other CF materials are plenty when it comes to strength, and functional movements (in my humble opinion) are more practical than isolating muscles in traditional weight training. It seems like there’s also more intensity and cardio-building to CF, too. I don’t have much experience, but it seems like CrossFit is the whole package!

  4. I personally do not care as much about how many of one exercise I can do in 20 seconds. Yes, it does show overall you being able to get stronger but you can see that with regular training too. Being an athlete it seems to me like it allows you to be prone to way more injuries. I play volleyball and would rather focus on getting better overall to become a better player than crossfit 24/7.

    • I believe you’re talking about tabata training which is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets, 4 minutes.

      I’m an athlete. I play volleyball, football, hockey and softball AND I CrossFit. It’s not my life. I don’t do it 24/7, I’ve just realized that it’s beneficial to all of my sports and my every day life.

      Last week I set a new PR box jump @ 47″ which will help me with my volleyball.

      There are new types of CrossFit being added every day. There’s CF Football, CF Endurance and now CF Striking for MMA fighters. I also train 3 college hockey players weekly, using CrossFit.

      I’m not saying CrossFit is the be all, end all. I’m actually starting to look into how to improve my all around sports by using CF.

  5. I LOVE Crossfit and am way stronger than I ever have been…but I bench there once a week! I do the WODs and a strength building plan that includes benching, squatting, strict pressing, deadlifting etc.

    hahah best line: “I’ve got 4 1/2 abs showing”

    • I’m now working bench into a double workout day once a week. It’s improved already. My ne goal is 5 1/4 abs and then 6…

  6. I prefer Crossfit over traditional weight training. It’s not really about “how many reps can I do in x amount of seconds” its more about the results. How I FEEL. Plus, it incorporates so many different aspects of the fitness world that I LOVE. Sprint Drills. Weight training. Some gymnastics-like moves with the rings and bars. If I was focused on ONE aspect of the weight lifting world, I would probably have a different opinion, but I use crossfit to enhance my strength and my running. It does both, way faster than any traditional strength training I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. But I guess its jut one of those things. everyone has their own cup’o’tea 😉

    • You sound exactly like me and like CF for the same reasons I do. I’m a sprinter. I’m built for stregnth and speed. CrossFit is perfect for me.

  7. Personally, I see way better results, and FEEL a thousand times stronger when I’m doing CrossFit. Having been doing CrossFit “type” workouts for years (BodyPump among them), I know that that’s when I feel and look my best. I’m also biased because I’m addicted to CrossFit, but regardless, I was never one to do thousands of bicep curls at once. Broscience never really had much effect on me.

  8. Having done both (and Crossfit for only a short time so far) – I think that I personally, have better results with Crossfit. I do well with heavy, heavy strength training and my Crossfit box emphasizes that. I could see how boxes who emphasize “crazy sexy metcons” would have athletes that feel like they need supplemental training. It all comes down to the programming, really. Either way – people need to pick up and put down some heavy stuff. Increasing your deadlift, no matter how you get there (uh, safely, obviously) makes you a better functioning human being.

    • We mix it up at our gym. We aren’t a CrossFit Box and a lot of our membership is older women who LOVE the METCONS. I’m working on brining in more weight training.


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