Top 8 Christmas Gifts for Functional Training



When it comes to gifts, birthday presents and Christmas presents, I don’t ask for your typical guy gifts like new cologne, or a tie or a saw (however, I love to build shit so a saw would be awesome), I ask for new workout shirts with cool sayings and logos, gym shoes and recovery tools. I know I’m not the only one who likes this kind of stuff, and with Christmas just around the corner, I decided to put together a list of my top 9 Christmas gifts for the exercise enthusiast in your life (in no particular order).

  1. Lifting Shoes
    These shoes have changed my life and how I lift. Buying these shoes was something I was always on the fence about and now all I can do is wonder why the hell I didn’t buying them sooner. Right now I’m rocking the Nike Romaleos 3.
  2. Lifting Belt
    This item supports strength training, supports your back and helps prevent injury, and can give you confidence in the lift you’re about to perform. I’ve had lots of different belts over the years but my favourite to date is the 2Pood Metcon Belt. It comes on and off easily, it’s light weight, it’s velcro and it still gives lots of support.
  3. Fitness Shirts
    I love our new gym shirts with our logo on it, they look awesome. Two other brands that I love besides ours are Conquering Barbell and Hero Culture.
  4. A Good Pair of Shorts
    I know this one seems obvious, but a good pair of shorts is key. Something that dries fast, doesn’t rip when you’re pulling heavy weight up your legs, that are “flowy” (is that a word?) and something that looks good. Right now I’m loving the Skins DNAmic Superpose Half Tights. They’re shorts with built-in compression. They are amazing!
  5. Mobility and Recovery Help
    Becoming a Supple Leopard is a book that will change your life. It really helped me learn how to move better, deal with pain and improve my overall mobility. I also know I wouldn’t be where I am in my progress with pain and injury with if it wasn’t for the ROMWOD crew and website. Their online training is unreal.
  6. Speed Rope
    I actually have 3 on the go at all times that way if one breaks mid-workout, I don’t have to deal with it until after I’m done. The one I tend to lean towards the most, because it’s the most reliable, is my Rogue Fitness SR-2S rope.
  7. Foam Roller
    This one may not seem like a great gift solely based on the fact that it can cause a someone an immense amount of pain, however, as much as I hate mine, I love it! And my wife is constantly laughing at me as I whimper in pain while I roll out my IT bands, so as the gifter you get pleasure too.
  8. GYM SHOES!!
    I love shoes. People say I have a weird obsession with them. But the way I look at it is that I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs. If the worst thing I do is buy an excessive amount of shoes, I think that’s OK. Right now my two favorite brands of cross training shoes are Strike Movement and No Bull. A close third is the Nike Metcon, if you’re looking for a recognized brand.


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