BIG Things Happening!


I’ve been busy!  Perhaps TOO busy, but that’s how I like it!  I’m the type of person who likes to always be on the go and always have my plate full.  I think I have my dad to thank for that.  Unfortunately, because of everything I have on the go, I haven’t had time to write anything in two weeks, it’s shameful I know, so here’s a quick debrief on what’s been going on (a few of these are BIG news!!!).

1.  I passed my Weight Trainer’s Certification!!!!

I found out two Saturday’s ago that I passed my exams. I got a 90% on the written exam and 100% on the practical exam. WADDUP??!!!  Now I have to do 10 hours of shadowing in the gym with other personal trainers, which I’m starting tonight, and I still have a practical assignment where I evaluate a trainer and then they do the same for me.  I’m getting SO close!

2. I booked my Fitness Theory Exam

As I mentioned before, I’ve been putting off writing this exam because I’m terrified of it!  But now it’s officially booked and I need to get my ass in gear and study!  I was on a high from passing my other exam when I booked it I didn’t realize that I don’t have much time these days to study but you know what, “shit or get off the pot”, right?! Right!

3. I ran another 5km, sort of

A couple of weeks ago I did my first 5km and as proud as I am of that, I have to say it’s wasn’t a true 5km run.  I ran for the first 1.5 km and then started doing 1 minute of running and 30 seconds of walking.  At the 2.5 km mark I did sprinting intervals up a HUGE hill, between light poles, where I ran from one pole to the other then walked the next one and repeated that for 1 km at which point I then continued on with my 1 minute of running and 30 seconds of walking.  I finished out the last 1.5 km running, but it was all downhill, literally.  I’m definitely not trying to take anything away from myself because I was extremely proud of my first 5 km, but I want to be able to run the 5 km without walking.  I’ve set myself a new goal that I want to be able to run a full 5 km by the end of September.  I went for another 5 km jaunt last week and did it in 28 minutes, which I’m told is a pretty good time.  Again, I ran the first 1.5 km and then started doing 2 minutes of running, 30 seconds of walking and finished out the last 1.5 km.  I’ll get to my goal of 5 km and I’ll do it in under 25 minutes!

4. Training my first “client”

I’m not getting paid for it, but I did my first training program for someone last night and went to the gym and put them through it.  I actually did the program with her and it’s not an easy one.  I’m putting her on a 3 day a week, full body workout plan as she’s never weight trained before and I don’t want to scare her off or make her too sore.  I really enjoyed training someone else and saying things like “that’s not 12 reps, give me 2 more…”.  I like being in control!

5. NO LIMITS: Health, Wellness & Fitness Conference (this is a big one!!)

I’m SO freakin’ excited about this… May 2011, there is going to be a a large conference in Toronto for the health and fitness industry and I’m a part of organizing it!  There are 6 of us from across Canada putting this together and the ball is officially rolling.  We have a Twitter account and a website started and plans are well under way!  We’re looking to have speakers, sessions, seminars, fitness classes, cooking classes, nutrition education… The possibilities are endless.  Follow NoLimitsCanada on twitter and keep checking back to the website for more details as they come.

So that’s the last two weeks in a nutshell for ya. There were a few more things like finishing second in a beach volleyball tournament in Cavendish, PEI.  Getting selected to be a part of Big Day Downtown and the plans I have for that.  More video blogging.  A lot of this you already know but there’s more to come, so stay tuned (I have MORE big news coming next week! This one is life changing!)


  1. Mayyyjah accomplishments going on in your life right now! Sounds like everything is falling into place. Good luck on the exam!! 🙂


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