Strong is the new Skinny;



I saw a magazine cover the other day that said, “Get back to high school skinny” and I could do nothing but shake my head.  Why would you want to be skinny when you could be healthy?  If someone is skinny, it doesn’t mean they are healthy; Gina was a prime example of that.

The other day I wrote about how when we first met she was what we call “skinny fat”. She had a terrible diet and only ran on the treadmill.  She was skinny, but not healthy.  After training with me and doing CrossFit for the past year I look at her now and I drool because she’s fit, strong and healthy and I think that’s sexy as hell.  In my opinion the word skinny doesn’t describe healthy and I’ve had a hate on for it for a while now.

This all seems ironic considering the name of my blog, doesn’t it?

So, why did I pick the name “Your Inner Skinny” originally for my blog?  It was four and a half years ago when I started writing and to be honest, that was my mindset back then, I wanted to be skinny.  Well, not necessarily skinny, but I wanted to be “not fat” anymore, and in most people’s eyes, what’s the opposite of fat, skinny…

If you read my blog regularly, you may have noticed that over the last four and a bit years my mindset has changed a lot.  I no longer want to be just “not fat”; I want to be healthy, fit and strong. I eat well, I train hard in the gym, I’m now well educated about health and fitness, and I’ve actually turned my passion into my career.  For these reasons, along with a few others, I’ve decided that I’m changing the name of this website and all of my associated networks.


From this point on I will no longer be known as Your Inner Skinny; my new site name is Your Inner Strong.  But don’t fear, nothing besides my name is going to change. I’ll still be doing all of the same writing, tweeting, and awesomeness that I do now, I just feel this name better suites me and everything I represent.

So, spread the word; Strong is the new Skinny.



  1. Awesome, Scott. The word “skinny” makes me shudder as well. Great name change!

  2. I really dislike the strong is the new skinny campaign so i wholeheartedly LOVE your new name!! I like the focus being entirely on strong and not about skinny at all which I think contains an “ideal”.

    Yahh for you!!

  3. Michael Ericsson

    Very fitting. Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the name change and I agree with everything you wrote. Skinny IS NOT always equal to healthy. Not even close.

  5. Love this!! As a newbie to CrossFit here in Halifax, I am now obsessed with being strong vs. skinny….

  6. I totally saw that magazine cover too… Totally bought that magazine as well. Yep, but NOT because of what it said… That magazine helps me get through some of my cardio in the morning, lol!! I totally agree with you, strong is DEFINITELY the new skinny- muscles are sexy!

  7. Yes! I love the message that you have to share about being STRONG and HEALTHY and ACTIVE! I couldn’t agree more. Congrats on updating your blog name with your mindsest, and a BIG congrats on changing your mindset, it’s hard when the media drills into our heads that we should want to be skinny.

  8. Absolutely love the new name and attitude. It’s amazing how much your mindset changes when the original goal of dieting and losing weight turns into a huge lifestyle change. What you’ve described in this post is exactly what happened to me. I have zero desire to be skinny, but I have a huge desire to be fit and healthy!


    • I’ve been away from the “skinny” or “not fat” mindset for a long time but as a marketer, you know how hard and time consuming it is to change a brand properly, so it’s only right now that I got to do it. Congrats on the changing mindset as well. It’s a great feeling!

  9. I’m 80 and in excellent health. Before retirement at 69, I walked 3-4 mile after work but not much now because the area I live in is hilly and not conducive to walking. I worked out in the gym only once in my life after I bruised my shoulder snow skiing- I’m a flat lander and have not skied since then. I’ve always hated the way fat people look and wonder how some of them turn over in the bed. My best friend is morbid obese but I never say anything to him because he knows he is obese – he like me is a doctor. So I keep my mouth shut!!


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